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Make it a double,

The Last Night's Game Team 

NBA (National Basketball Association)

When you’re so good that details aren’t important. For the first pick in the NBA draft, the Phoenix Suns selected Deandre Ayton from the University of Arizona. Ayton had a big few days, first joining Jimmy Fallon and fellow draft prospects in a 90s themed skit. Not to be outdone, he was another athlete to fall victim to not reading a sponsored social media post before tweeting it. TWEET FAIL


When you have a fashion moment you regret. The newest members of the NBA attempted to emulate fashionable veterans LeBron James and Russell Westbrook at their big debut. Not only did University of Oklahoma’s Trae Young, who was the fifth player drafted, show up in a maroon suit…with shorts (maybe he couldn’t find pants that were long enough)? but the night’s fashion included jackets lined with logos, “Black Panther” inspired Gucci and a grandma inspired suit coat. DRAFT FASHION



TV personality and chef, Ayesha Curry, wife of Golden State Warriors (NBA) star Steph Curry, is opening a new restaurant in Houston much to the dismay of some Houstonians. Still bitter that the Warriors knocked their Houston Rockets out of the playoffs, fans took to Yelp to rip apart the restaurant before it even opened, posting over 550 reviews. SPOUSAL SUPPORT


Sideline stat

Superstar Lionel Messi couldn’t save his once favored Argentina from a World Cup loss to Croatia yesterday. Their 3-0 loss could make it hard for his team to make it out of the first round, depending on today’s Iceland vs. Nigeria game. WHAT A MESSI


On the other hand, Messi’s rival, Cristiano Ronaldo is having a stellar World Cup, setting the European record for international goals scored in his team’s win over Morocco yesterday. SCORE


Coaches’ corner

Rules were made to be broken at least for one reporter. The NBA frowns upon insiders releasing draft picks before they’re announced. An ESPN reporter found a way to get creative with the way he revealed who teams would be selecting, using phrases on Twitter like the teams have “zoned in on,” “grown comfortable with,” or “focused in on” a certain player. SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT