First Time For Everything

Get that Friday feeling with stories of firsts, friends and duct tape.


All critical ingredients for a weekend,

The Last Night’s Game Team

NFL (National Football League)

Never give up on your dreams. You might remember the name Shaquem Griffin from the NFL Draft. Griffin was the first player with only one hand to be drafted in the NFL's modern era. Last night he made his rookie debut in the Seattle Seahawks preseason game. He showed the world he didn’t need two hands to dominate, recording team-leading numbers. TACKLE THIS



Nothing like sacrificing your body for your favorite sport. Meet Kenny Hunt the “Sunburnt Man.” For 18 years, he has sunburnt his favorite NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) driver’s number onto his body using duct tape and mother nature. When asked about removing the tape, he thanked beer for numbing the pain. KEEPING THE DERMATOLOGIST IN BUSINESS 


Sideline stat

The NBA’s (National Basketball Association) Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Atlanta where he was a member of the Hawks organization for exactly five days. Then, having never played a game for the team, they bought him out of his $25.5 million contract, setting him free. All he wanted was a jersey to show his time with the team and yesterday, his wish was granted. WORKING HARD FOR THE MONEY


Coaches’ corner

College football fanatics either love or hate him. Alabama head coach Nick Saban knows how to win but the six-time national champion has a softer side. His wife revealed that when Saban received his first ever coaching bonus he didn’t buy a car or jewels. He instead paid off his father-in-law’s mortgage, shocking both his wife and of course his father-in-law. BROWNIE POINTS


What to watch

Golfers will play through Sunday in the last major tournament of the season, the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) Championship. What to watch for in the 100th year of this tournament? Senior golfer John Daly and his outrageous pants (worse than usual) and players donating their earnings and wearing yellow in honor of fellow golfer Jarrod Lyle who lost his battle with leukemia this week at age 36. FORE!