Careless Whisper

Escape the awkward moments in conversation this weekend by breaking out your sports know how.


It’s not me, it’s you,

The Last Night’s Game Team


PS –Today’s Tailgate Treat is inspired by a peace offering from a member of the Los Angeles Rams (NFL) to the head coach of the New Orleans Saints. GRATITUDE GUMBO


This weekend’s NFL playoff games will be a battle for the ages. Not only because the two winners will be heading to the Super Bowl but because both games literally feature a battle between two generations of quarterbacks. The New England Patriots Tom Brady, 41, will take on the whippersnapper Patrick Mahomes, 23, of the Kansas City Chiefs. The other game pits Drew Brees, 40, and his New Orleans Saints against Jared Goff, 24, and his Los Angeles Rams. WILL THE OLD GUYS RULE?


Oklahoma State University kicked three of their basketball players off the team this week, leaving a gaping hole on the bench. The team held tryouts last night that were open to the general student population. The criteria included being a full-time OSU student, having NCAA eligibility (enrolled after 2014) and be willing to take a sickle cell test. PUT ME IN COACH


On what would’ve been his 77th birthday, the City of Louisville announced its plan to rename the international airport after hometown hero, boxer Muhammed Ali. Ali passed away in 2016 from Parkinson's disease. G.O.A.T - THE GREATEST AIRPORT TERMINAL


In two different incidents, NHL (National Hockey League) teams reached out to youth hockey players who stood up for their teammates and said no to racism. PK Subban (skier Lindsey Vonn’s boyfriend) of the Nashville Predators sent a personal message to a young hockey player who was ready to quit because of racist comments directed at him. In another situation, the youth Metro Maple Leafs defended their teammate against a team that was slinging racists remarks. They played their tournament with the word racism on their sticks with a line through it. The Washington Capitals saw their bravery and invited them to visit with the team. HOCKEY IS FOR EVERYONE