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Sports chatter has never been so easy or entertaining.


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The Last Night’s Game Team

College Basketball

Hitting the courts today in the March Madness tournament is one of the tallest men on earth. UCF’s (University of Central Florida) Tacko Fall came to the U.S from Senegal in high school, never having played in a real basketball game. He sees his height as a gift partially because he can reach things on the top shelf. His message to kids who want to grow big like him? “Eat your vegetables.” IF ONLY IT WAS THAT EASY



Knock knock. Who’s there? Kevin Durant. Wait, who? The basketball superstar surprised some young fans by delivering pizza to their hotel room. Durant met the kids' parents in a hotel elevator following another Golden State Warriors (NBA – National Basketball Association) win. GAME CHANGER

Sideline stat

The lineup for Lollapalooza has been released and a familiar face from the court will be taking the stage. The larger than life former NBA champ, 7-foot Shaq “DJ Diesel” O’Neal will be playing a set at the famed music festival. He holds the distinction of the sports world's only platinum album, titled Shaq Diesel (1993). MAN OF MANY TALENTS

Coaches’ corner

A feud started by a Super Bowl commercial has escalated. Bud Light’s medieval commercials accusing MillerCoors of using corn syrup have led to a lawsuit. MillerCoors accuses Anheuser-Busch of launching a "false and misleading advertising campaign in order to increase sales of Bud Light” but Anheuser-Busch isn’t backing down. A STICKY SITUATION

What to watch

In the category of sports you never want to participate in, enter the “Male Slapping Championship.” The newly founded Russian sport is one you have to see to believe. OUCH