Sneaky Little Devil

Monday, how’d you get here so fast?


Where’d the weekend go?

The Last Night’s Game Team

NBA (National Basketball Association)

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will not make the playoffs this season. This is nothing new for the Lakers as this is the sixth year in a row they’ve missed the playoffs. On the other hand, the last time LeBron missed the playoffs was in 2005 and the world was a little different. For the record, the iPhone wasn’t around (and wouldn’t be for two more years), Twitter didn’t exist and Carrie Underwood was a contestant on “American Idol.” EONS AGO



Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz (NBA) is paying it forward. His mom always stressed the importance of education and his fourth grade teacher had a huge impact on his life. He returned the fourth-grade favor by awarding her daughter with a $25,000 scholarship. GOOD GUY ALERT


Sideline stat

And then there was one. Out of the tens of millions of NCAA March Madness brackets submitted, only one perfect bracket remains. For the first time, one person has a perfect bracket going into the Sweet 16. (Not your awkward middle school party, but the games featuring the final 16 teams). THERE'S A FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING


Coaches’ corner

The New England Patriots’ (NFL - National Football League) original party boy Rob Gronkowski (no not owner Robert Kraft) announced he is retiring. At the ripe old age of 29, he’s racked up a whole host of career accomplishments and enough cash to ride off into the sunset. PARTY’S OVER