Batter Up - 5 Things You Need To Know About the 2019 MLB Season

The boys of summer are back so grab your peanuts and cracker jacks and join in the Opening Day conversation.  


Swing batter batter swing,

The Last Night’s Team

1. Tomorrow marks the earliest Opening Day ever. It used to be that Opening Day was spread out over a few days across the league but tomorrow every team will take the field. (Technically speaking, the Oakland A’s and Seattle Mariners opened the season in Japan last week but the pomp and circumstance of Opening Day will be tomorrow for everyone). BATTER UP

2. MLB (Major League Baseball) teams have long played regular season games in Mexico but this year will be the first time that two teams (Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees) head to the UK for a series. Baseball is known for having family friendly ticket prices, but not in London. Just like the city itself, the game tickets are expensive with the cheapest nosebleed seats starting at $76 without fees. GRAB YOUR PASSPORT AND MY HAND (AND SOME SERIOUS CASH)

3. Speaking of serious cash, this off-season brought us three of the biggest contracts in the history of the sport. Mike Trout’s new 12-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels will pay him $35.8 million a season. Bryce Harper (Philadelphia Phillies) and Manny Machado (San Diego Padres) are also raking in the dough with their new contracts but just not as much. CHUMP CHANGE

4. Regardless of how much the players are getting paid, they’ll have less time to make bathroom stops this season. The league has shortened the time between innings in an effort to speed up the game, which means less time in the john. NO EXCUSE TO NOT WASH YOUR HANDS

5. Jessica Mendoza is one of the most decorated softball players of all times, with career accomplishments that include an Olympic gold medal. She was the first woman to ever call an MLB game, and now she’s keeping her broadcaster role at “Sunday Night Baseball” all while working a second job as a special assistant to the New York Mets. TWICE THE TALENT

One final note -  The Boston Red Sox were last year’s World Series Champions. If you want more on your team or additional storylines to follow this season, read more here.


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