The 5 Things Even Golfers Don't Know About The Masters

Break out the argyle socks and golf clap, the most iconic and prestigious tournament in golf is upon us.



The Last Night’s Game Team  

1. The winner receives the iconic green jacket that is only worn by members of Augusta National, the home of the Masters. The winner is allowed to have the jacket for a calendar year. After that year, they’re only permitted to wear the jacket on the grounds of Augusta. NO TAKE BACKS

2. Longtime broadcast partner of the tournament, CBS, has admitted to editing in melodic bird sounds during the telecast to enhance the programming to feel like a “natural paradise.” Although there's no actual tweeting at the Masters because there's a very strict no cell phone policy at the course. IF IT'S NOT ON INSTAGRAM, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN

3. Besides the sweet jacket, another perk of winning is picking the menu of the champions dinner the following year during Masters’ week. The dinner invitation is only extended to past winners and the Augusta National chairman (no spouses or guests). This year’s meal, chosen by last year’s winner Patrick Reed, features a bone-in cowboy ribeye and various creamy side dishes. GONNA NEED A BIGGER GREEN JACKET


4. Becoming a member of Augusta National Golf Course is somewhat of a mystery. There is no listed criteria for membership and the members list is not public. Ron Townsend was named the first African American member in 1990 and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice became first woman member in 2012. (There are now six women members). ABOUT TIME

5. For a tournament where the ticket prices can be through the roof, the concession prices are unusually low with drinks and sandwiches under $3 (including their famous pimento cheese sandwich). A beer will run you $4, although it’s not available after 4 pm. What like they’re hooligans? BEER ME


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