An Epic Weekend Is On Deck

We don’t throw the word epic around often but between playoffs, the Masters and the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones, it’s going to be an epic weekend.


Stock up the wine fridge,

The Last Night’s Game Team 


Natural Light is showing off its classy side, giving away a year’s worth of beer for every birdie made during the Masters on Sunday. All you have to do is use #sweepstakes or #BirdieLight on Twitter and you’re entered to win. And in case you’re not into golf speak, a birdie is one shot under par. Ex. – On a par 3, it would take two shots to get the ball in the hole for a birdie. NATTY LIGHT = YOUTHFUL INDISCRETIONS


If all the business deals happen on the golf course, then you better step up your game and read our 5 Things Even Golfers Don’t Know About The Masters. MASTERING THE MASTERS

When you win as many Super Bowls as Tom Brady, challenges arise. They might include high expectations from fans or the fact that you might run out of fingers for your Super Bowl rings. Another unforeseen problem? Confetti still in your helmet two months later. Brady posted a video yesterday of him pulling Super Bowl confetti out of his helmet before practice. WE’RE JUST HAPPY TO FIND $5 IN OUR COAT POCKET

The Baltimore Orioles’ (MLB – Major League Baseball) Chris Davis is in need of a serious slump buster. He’s making baseball history for all the wrong reasons. The poor guy hasn’t had a hit since September 14, 2018. To make the pressure even worse, local Baltimore establishments are offering free food and drinks whenever he does get a hit. (He’s 0-53 but it has to happen at some point, right)? HITS FOR HOT DOGS

The NBA (National Basketball Association) playoffs tipoff on Saturday (Golden State Warriors are the favorite to win it all). But the NHL (National Hockey League) playoffs are in full swing, and something’s fishy with the Nashville Predators. It’s an odd tradition (although aren’t most traditions odd)? for Preds fans to throw catfish on the ice. PETA isn’t having it and wants any fan who flings a fish to be banned from the arena for life and receive a $5,000 fine. They handed out free catfish squeeze balls featuring the message "Respect Animals" at Wednesday’s game. SMART MOVE - SQUEEZE BALLS WILL PROBABLY FLY FURTHER

The biggest TV event on Sunday isn’t the final round of the Masters, but the start of the final season of the Game of Thrones. If fantasy sports aren’t your thing, you can join this GoT fantasy league. Yes, there’s a draft and everything. DRAFTING DRAGONS