It’s Gonna Be A Wild Ride


Is it Friday yet?


We’re going to need more coffee,

The Last Night’s Game 

NBA (National Basketball Association)

The Toronto Raptors are looking to end the Golden State Warriors dynasty and win their first ever championship. But don’t look now, one of the Warriors best players, Kevin Durant, may be returning from injury. Raptors fans lined up for three days in hopes of grabbing a prime spot in the Raptors’ outdoor fan zone known as Jurassic Park for Game Five tonight. NOW THAT’S COMMITMENT


“Bachelorette” fans are not going to be happy because the show has been postponed until Tuesday due to Game Five. HEADS ARE GONNA ROLL



Ever been so tired you could sleep anywhere? That’s exactly what happened to a bat during a Cleveland Indians (MLB - Major League Baseball) game. The want-to-be vampire slumbered away while latched onto the infield net during yesterday’s game. RABIES AND RBIs


Sideline Stat

While Rafael Nadal won his record 12th French Open title, cricket player turned tennis player Ashleigh Barty won her first grand slam. (There are four Grand Slam tournaments, a.k.a. majors, in tennis). A GOOD CAREER MOVE


Coaches' Corner

The U.S. Women’s National Team will take on Team Thailand tomorrow in the Women’s World Cup. Be a part of the team with this insider’s dictionary. BRING IT ON 


What to watch

In honor of the NBA Finals, check out these Canadians who are too nice to talk trash to the Golden State Warriors on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME