Donut Judge Me

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It’s National Donut Day so indulge today and then drink to forget about it tomorrow on National Rosé Day.


Oh if I must,

The Last Night’s Game Team

NBA (National Basketball Association) 

Injuries continue to plague the defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors in the Finals, with the Toronto Raptors up 2-1 in the series. To add insult to injury (pun intended), one of their minority owners shouted an obscenity at a Raptors player and shoved him during the last game. Mark Stevens has been fined $500,000 by the NBA and banned from attending games for one year. COME AT ME BRO



If you thought you were a champ for showing up to work today, wait until you read this. Boston Bruins player Zdeno Chara broke his jaw in game four of the NHL (National Hockey League) Stanley Cup Finals but he played in game five last night, broken jaw and all. Sadly, his grit didn’t equal a win as the St. Louis Blues pulled within one game of winning it all. PROOF THAT HOCKEY PLAYERS ARE HARDCORE


Sideline stat

The final leg of the Triple Crown takes place at Belmont on Saturday. The winner of the Preakness (one of the three Triple Crown races), War Of Will is hoping to win two of the three big races. (The Kentucky Derby is the third race of the Triple Crown). HOLD YOUR HORSES


Coaches’ corner

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then the New England Patriots (NFL - National Football League) are a sorority. The team received their Super Bowl rings yesterday and, put on your sunglasses, they’re blinding. Tom Brady celebrated receiving his sixth Super Bowl ring by joining in the now viral quarterbacks' off-season challenge, chugging an entire beer in two gulps. GREATEST OF ALL TIME?


What to watch

The FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off today. Team U.S.A. are the defending champions and they will play in their first game on Tuesday vs. Thailand. There’s so much excitement happening around this monumental event. Check out our Five Things You Need To Know About The Women’s World Cup to catch all the storylines and the action. IT’LL HELP YOU SCORE