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The Last Night’s Game Team

MLB (Major League Baseball)

Baseball players tend to be very superstitious. If something works and the team is winning, they’ll keep up the tradition no matter how embarrassing. “I Will Always Love You” has become the theme song of the San Diego Padres. What started as a prank turned into nightly (awful) serenade but they’re winning so there you have it. YOUR EARS WILL NOT LOVE YOU



The NFL (National Football League) off-season has stirred up a lot of questions with the most important being, which NFL quarterback can chug a beer the fastest? Aaron Rodgers started this unofficial frat boy contest by attempting to chug a beer on the jumbotron at a basketball game and it wasn’t pretty. Therefore, other quarterbacks had to show him up and Chicago Bears Mitch Trubisky may have taken the cake by chugging a beer in mere seconds. IS THERE AN ALL-STAR TEAM FOR THAT?


Sideline stat

The curse of Drake lives on. Drake is known for hanging out with winners who just can’t seem to win after they hang out with the rapper. Enter boxer Anthony Joshua. He was the shoo-in for Saturday night’s fight. Then he was TKO’d (technical knock out) in the seventh round by the people’s champion, Anthony Ruiz Jr. Ruiz’s win had people everywhere rethinking their summer diets. ABS OF STEEL ARE NOT NECESSARY


Coaches’ corner

President Trump announced that Jerry West, the hall of fame player whose silhouette is the NBA (National Basketball Association) logo, will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. You might remember, Tiger Woods received the same honor a few weeks ago. HONORED TO BE HERE