5 Epic Adventures Of The Stanley Cup

In your next life you'll want to come back as the famed trophy.

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The Stanley Cup is likely the most recognized trophy in North America and it’s the trophy the NHL (National Hockey League) Champions receive. As we speak, the Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues are vying for the Stanley Cup in the NHL Finals. Each player on the winning team gets to spend a day with the trophy doing whatever they want. The trophy also has its own Twitter account so you can follow its wild, sometimes spring break-like adventures.


1. Last year’s Finals MVP, Alex Ovechkin from the Washington Capitals, has been waiting a long time for his chance with the Stanley Cup and he made it worth it. From keg stands, to filling it with caviar, then champagne and then taking it to the World Cup (soccer) in Russia. IN MY NEXT LIFE I WANT TO BE THE STANLEY CUP


2. The trophy and its handler since 1989, Phil Pritchard, have spent a lot of time with the military but in 2007, the Cup made its first visit to a combat zone when it visited Afghanistan. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE


3. Spending the day with the trophy is an out of this world experience. The trophy spent time on the flight deck of the space shuttle Atlantis. INTERGALACTIC HOCKEY ANYONE?


4. Seriously, the Cup has seen it all including a strip club where it was used as part of a performance, a player’s shower, a star-studded Malibu house party and a proposal and it has been used as a baptismal font, a horse trough and a dog bowl. THE TROPHY HAS LIVED A FULL LIFE 


5. You’d think players would treat the coveted trophy with respect but it’s been left on the side of the road, set on fire and then peed on to put out the fire and forgotten in a garden after a photo shoot. SETTING THE WORLD ON FIRE