The Ridiculous Day That Is ESPN8: The Ocho - The 5 Things You Need To Know

One day of absurd sports from around the globe, bookended by “Dodgeball: The Movie.” From lawn mower racing to pizza acrobatics, how could you go wrong?

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1. Inspired by the Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn flick “Dodgeball” The Movie,” ESPN8: The Ocho is in its third year. While the past two years have been on August 8 this year’s takeover is on August 7 because of preseason NFL (National Football League) football. It’s still the eighth month so guess we’ll let that slide. BOLD STRATEGY, COTTON


2. You knew your life was missing something and it was clearly lawn mower racing. Yes, racing around the track on riding lawn mowers. The mower must have originally been designed and sold commercially to mow lawns but the blades are removed for racing. Another interesting specification is that the mower must remain suitable for lawn cutting, with the exception of certain approved modifications. BURNING RUBBER


3. Since pizza isn’t fun enough, let’s talk pizza acrobatics, another event featured on The Ocho. This cheesy event, which has been around since the 80s, will feature the “LeBron James of pizza acrobatics,” five-time world champ Tony Gemignani. A pizza acrobatics routine features tricks like simultaneously rolling two pizza doughs across your shoulders, is typically 2-3 minutes long and is choreographed to music. NOT KETO FRIENDLY


4. Ever wondered what to do with those pits in the cherry? How about spit them for a world record? The Ocho will air the 46th Annual Cherry Pit Spitting Championship because why not? (Don’t Google it because it’s not airing live and it’ll spoil the surprise). There’s a men’s, women’s, dignitary and youth division. THAT’S A TALENT MADE FOR TAILGATING


5. Other events on Wednesday include spikeball, axe throwing, chess boxing, arm wrestling, Stupid Robot Fighting League and of course, dodgeball. The day will start and finish with a showing of “Dodgeball: The Movie” because what else are Wednesdays made for? BLOCKING OUT CALENDAR NOW

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