The Cost Of Winning - 5 Things To Know About College Recruiting

Finding ‘the one’ has never been so difficult.

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1. Making it to the big leagues is a big deal and nearly impossible. Only 3-5% of athletes, in any sport, will make it to the collegiate level, let alone the pros. Some players are recruited as young as junior high. SO YOU’RE SAYING THERE’S A CHANCE?

2. Prospective student athletes have the opportunity to have five “paid” official recruiting visits to schools. This means all expenses related to the prospect’s visit are paid for by the school. These are also the trips you hear about that may or may not involve parties and other tactics to get recruits excited about the schools. But they, nor their families, cannot receive gifts or payments from any school. WILD AND FREE

3. Coaches go to lengths to get their top prospects to commit with school visits and extravagant home visits. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has climbed a tree, went to school with top prospects and had a sleepover complete with some Netflix. One coach wrestled a prospect and another serenaded a recruit or two (and it worked). WHATEVER YOU’RE INTO

4. Head coaches don’t have to only win over the athlete, but their families. One coach went as far as writing a recruiting letter to a prospect’s cat.  And sometimes things don’t always go as planned, like when one mom ran off with the letter of intent and no one could find her. (His dad later signed the paperwork. That led to a court battle). WHEN YOUR MAMA IS THE DRAMA

5. While you might think that a college coach’s job is to call plays and win the big game, 50% of their time is spent recruiting. You might remember a story about Arizona State University’s football coach Herm Edwards, who spent his career in the NFL. He had no idea about having to recruit AND coach. WELCOME TO THE WORLD

Thanks to the Bedford Agency for their help with today’s post. Just like we relied on them for great info for this post, college recruits across the country from all sports (and their families) rely on Bryan, a former division I recruiting director, and his team to navigate the recruiting process.

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