The Rundown: Weekend Wrap Up - Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! We hope you’re enjoying candy for breakfast to kick off the day. We’re not judging because in our book M&M’s make a nutritious breakfast.

Trick or Treat,

The Last Night’s Game Team


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  • Not so fast. Going into last night’s game the Chicago Cubs were on the verge of losing the World Series. They kept their season alive by winning game five at Wrigley Field.

  • Down with the DH. The series shifts back to Cleveland Tuesday night, where the DH (designated hitter) will again be a factor because they’re playing by American League rules. Cubs' red hot hitter Kyle Schwarber will be in the lineup as a DH. 


  • Upsets. The undefeated Baylor Bears (#8), West Virginia Mountaineers (#10), Boise State Broncos (#13) and Tennessee Volunteers (#18) all lost to unranked teams this weekend and that is not good for those ranking numbers behind their names.

  • Let us judge you. The first official weekly “college football rankings” will be released Tuesday. The rankings you’ve seen before this are based on a poll put forth by the AP (Associated Press). These new rankings will be determined by the College Football Playoff Selection Committee. These rankings matter because they determine playoff eligibility. 


  • What are the chances? The Cincinnati Bengals and Washington Redskins gave the British fans something American fans rarely see. Not Prince Harry but a game that ended in a tie. The game, which was played in London, is the second game to end in a tie this season. There haven’t been two tie games in an NFL season in 19 years.


  • Bring it on. During the off-season Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors. That left the team in the hands of Russell Westbrook, who has killed it so far this season. He’s had two triple-doubles to lead the Thunder to a 3-0 start. What’s a triple–double? Find out in our coaches’ corner.  


  • I’ll take that. Jimmie Johnson secured his place in the final four of “The Chase for the Cup” with a win this weekend. Only two races remain for drivers to win to advance to the last and final race that will determine the season’s winner.  


  • It was a no good, very bad day in Cleveland yesterday. Not only did the Indians lose their World Series game but the Cleveland Browns lost. The Browns are halfway to joining an elite club of teams to go winless during an NFL season, sitting at 0-8. Their fans couldn’t even win when unfurling a banner. They misspelled “Go Dawg Pound” – “GPODAWUND.” Maybe they should all go home and start the day over.


  • 621,000 – the number of subscribers ESPN lost in one month according to Nielsen. It's the worst month in the company's history and represents a revenue loss of $52 million. It’s not only ESPN, the decline of cable subscribers is hurting every cable network, sports or not.


  • How many baseballs are used in a typical MLB game? The average life of a baseball is seven pitches, with over 90 balls used in a game. Unlike your little league game, umpires will take the ball out of the game if it’s scuffed or dirty because it impacts the way the ball functions. Discarded baseballs are often used for batting practice or shipped down to the minor leagues.