The Rundown: Happy Chrismukkah!

While the rest of the world is celebrating the holidays, we're working hard to cover the trending topics in sports. It’ll give you something else to talk about with your family besides your cousin who imbibed in a little too much spiked eggnog the night before.


Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

The Last Night’s Game Team


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NCAA Basketball (College)

  • Those are some big feet. Duke University’s Grayson Allen is considered one of the best basketball players in the nation but he’s tripping…quite literally. Allen intentionally tripped an opposing player on Wednesday and he has a checkered past of intentionally tripping opponents. Duke announced he will be suspended indefinitely until he’s mentally ready to play and act like an adult. 

NFL (National Football League)

  • Best secret Santa ever. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (aka Ciara’s hubby) took care of the guys who take care of him. He bought his offensive line (the guys who protect him from the other team’s defense) brand new TV’s for the holidays. Don’t worry, he didn’t forget about the rest of his team. He bought each teammate first class plane tickets to anywhere they want to go. 

NBA (National Basketball Association)

  • Bringing their A game. Christmas Day is a big day for the NBA and typically features the best matchups. Sunday’s games include a rematch of last season’s NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors vs the Cleveland Cavaliers as well as a game for citywide bragging rights when the Los Angeles Clippers take on the Los Angeles Lakers.


  • Tiger Woods let us know he is in the holiday spirit by sharing a picture of himself on Twitter as "Mac Daddy Santa.” Yep the photo is as weird and awkward as you think. This isn’t the mall Santa you used to visit as a child. 

Sideline stat

  • Apparently the underwhelming University of Texas football season drove their fans to drink because stadium alcohol sales were up 70% this season compared to previous years. Alcohol sales at UT football games generated more than $3.1 million in revenue in only six home games.

Coaches’ corner

  • Sunday’s Christmas Day game between the Clippers and the Lakers is a home game for both teams. How? The teams share the same home arena – the Staples Center.