The Rundown: Five Things to Know About NHL

In the midst of the NHL (National Hockey League) playoffs, we've decided to share Five Things to Know about hockey. On a day like today, 4-20, sit back, relax and read on.

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Five Things to Know about NHL

  1. The Stanley Cup is the trophy presented to the National Champions. The Cup, which has a Twittter accounthas seen it all.  It has been used as a cereal bowl and a baptismal font, left by the side of the road and thrown into a swimming pool. The names of all members of the winning team (including coaches and management) are etched into the trophy.

  2. It is widely known that Canada is the birthplace of hockey. Rumor has it that the earliest hockey games were played on frozen ponds with frozen cow poop as a puck. Now that’s resourceful.
  3. There have been four work stoppages in NHL history. The 2004-2005 lock out caused the entire season to be cancelled along with the 2005 draft.
  4. Goalie Manon Rhéaume was the first woman to play in the NHL, playing in 1992 for the Tampa Bay Lightning during an exhibition game.
  5. The machine that inspired a song and fans everywhere to go for a cruise, a Zamboni, was invented in 1949 by a man named Frank Zamboni. The famed Zamboni resurfaces the ice between periods for a smooth skating surface. 
  • Extra credit - Like any other sport, hockey players have their superstitions and pregame rituals like meals, taping up their gear and routes to the arena. In a ritual that makes moms everywhere gasp, hockey phenom Sidney Crosby has a rule about not chatting with his mom on game days. He’s broken this rule three times in his career and was injured during the game all three times.


  • Curry out. The Golden State Warriors sailed to victory on Monday night without their star player, Steph Curry. Curry missed game two against the Rockets for an ankle injury. His MRI provided no further insight and is still questionable for game three tonight in Houston. 

  • Confetti controversy. Oklahoma City Thunder lost at home on Tuesday night to the Dallas Mavericks. The Thunder put up a buzzer beater shot for the win that was eventually called off for being too late. Someone in operations for the Thunder got a little excited and deployed the confetti for the perceived Thunder win. Mavs’ player Chandler Parson gave a shout out to that employee, tweeting – “Shoutout [sic] to whoever dropped the confetti. #fired.”

NFL (National Football League)

  • Crying in our breakfast Cheerios. Former New York Giants star Michael Strahan announced he is leaving “Live with Kelly and Michael” for a full-time gig with Good Morning America (GMA). Prior to his full-time offer, he worked with GMA a few days a week. Strahan has been with Live! Since 2012 when he was picked to replace Regis Philbin. The change will take place in September. You will still be able to catch Michael on “NFL on FOX” on Sundays. 
  • The ultimatum. Troubled quarterback Johnny Manziel has been fired by his second agent this year. Drew Rosenhaus said last week that he would terminate his representation of Manziel but that he would reverse the decision if Manziel entered a treatment facility within five days. Yesterday he officially exited stage left. In his 27 years as an NFL agent, this is the first time Rosenhaus has ever fired a player. Nike also dropped Manziel yesterday. Manziel was most recently under investigation for his involvement in a hit-and-run and is the subject of a grand jury investigation on whether or not he assaulted his girlfriend.

 UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

  • Pouty pants? Top UFC fighter Connor McGregor was pulled from UFC 200. He then tweeted that he has decided to retire young. UFC President Dana White said he pulled McGregor because he was unwilling to fly to Las Vegas and participate in mandatory promotional activities.


  • A ball boy at the Barcelona Open (tennis) recovered beautifully from a face plant into the wall. Luckily for us this international incident was caught on camera. Shake it off.  

Sideline stat

  • In a 6-1 blowout game that was not favoring their team, the Philadelphia Flyers fans took it upon themselves to express their displeasure with a call on the ice by throwing wristbands used in a pregame light show onto the ice. After multiple requests to stop by players and the in-game announcer the referees penalized the Flyers for their fans’ actions. The Washington Capitals lead the series against the Flyers 3-0. Game four is tonight in Philadelphia.

Coaches’ Corner

  • In January, Officer Bobby White took a call for a noise complaint that kids outside were playing basketball outside too loudly. Instead of handing out citations, Officer White decided to join in on the game. When Officer White returned for a rematch this week he brought along former NBA superstar, Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal. Shaq reiterated the "Basketball Cop" philosophy of #HoopsNotCrimes by telling the kids "I grew up just like this. Only you can change this, and you can change it through basketball and showing respect to your peers like you did." For more information on the Basketball Cop Foundation, click here.