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PS – Today’s Tailgate Treat features something you can use at a tailgate. Back story - The Gronkowski brothers play in the NFL (National Football League) and are known for their party antics. Here they are supporting their other brother on Shark Tank with said party antics while promoting his product. But did they impress the sharks?  

MLB (Major League Baseball)

Texas-sized battle. The World Series between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers resumes tonight in Houston and is tied 1-1. Athletes and celebrities packed the stands in Dodger Stadium during the first two games, who will show up in Houston? Hometown girl Beyonce? One can hope.  


College Football

Rolling in the dough. Alabama is the number one football team in the country, so it’s only fitting that they have the highest paid coach in college football. Head coach Nick Saban cashes in with a salary of $11 million, topping the USA Today list of highest paid college coaches. See who else laughs all the way to the bank. LIST



J.J. Watt and Haley Dawson are throwing out the first pitch before one of the next two World Series games. Watt is the Houston Texans (NFL) player who started a hurricane relief fund that raised over $37 million. Dawson is a 7-year-old girl who dreams of throwing out the first pitch at all 30 stadiums. What makes it even more special is that she was born without a hand and will use her robotic one to help her throw a strike.


Sideline stat

Two teams in the NFL remain winless after seven games into the season. Misery loves company and the San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns still have yet to celebrate. The teams do not play each other in the regular season so the future could be grim.


Coaches’ corner

No one is more excited for this weekend’s NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) playoff race than wife of soon-to-be retired driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. A pregnant Amy Earnhardt will drive the pace car for the race. The real-life Baby Driver will be responsible for slowing down the field of cars when there’s an accident on the track until it’s cleaned up and safe to resume racing.