Turkey Touchdown

We've all been there. Whether it's stuck in a tiny airplane seat next to a chatty traveler or by politico Uncle Bob at the Thanksgiving dinner table, solve life's awkward moments with your sports savvy knowledge. 


And please pass the wine,

The Last Night’s Game Team


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College Basketball

Getting lei’d. While you are sitting at your desk dreaming of your Thanksgiving break, college basketball players are competing in one of the most prestigious tournaments, The Maui Invitational. As they ramp up their season, teams from all over the country say aloha to great basketball starting today. SCHEDULE


NFL (National Football League)

Fire away. The former home of the Atlanta Falcons, the Georgia Dome, was imploded this morning. Media everywhere is using the collapse to serve up jokes about the last year’s Super Bowl, where the Falcons blew a massive lead to the New England Patriots. VIDEO

Renew those passports. The New England Patriots said hola to a win, beating the Oakland Raiders in Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. The NFL announced that teams will continue playing in Mexico City through 2021, furthering the NFL's efforts to expand their international market. To that, Patriots player Rob Gronkowski says, “Yo soy fiesta.” (He really did say that). INT'L COVERAGE



Tennis legend Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian were married in New Orleans last week. The star-studded guest list that included Beyonce and Eva Longoria, partied Big Easy style alongside the blushing bride, who wore three different dresses. WEDDING PICS


Sideline stat

Not to be outdone by the celebration of the final race of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s career, Martin Truex Jr. took home his first NASCAR (National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing) championship yesterday. He tops off a pretty crappy year, which included a death of a crew member and his girlfriend’s battle with cancer, with the biggest win in NASCAR. MORE


Coaches’ corner

Jay Cutler, Miami Dolphins quarterback and husband to reality TV star and shoe designer Kristin Cavallari, suffered a concussion yesterday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Cavallari took to social media to voice her displeasure for the violence of football. Cutler came out of retirement to play for the Dolphins. CHECK IT OUT.