5 Uncontroversial Turkey Day Table Topics

Football and Thanksgiving go together like turkey and gravy or tofurky and green beans. (We’re not here to judge what you’re into). These tidbits about Thanksgiving football traditions are great conversation starters for your table and your family will thank you for not bringing up the current political climate.

From our family to yours – Happy Thanksgiving,

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FIVE OUTSTANDING Thanksgiving Football Traditions

1. While many NFL (National Football League) players complain about having to play in Thursday night football games, playing on Thanksgiving is an honor awarded to few teams. There are only three games on Thanksgiving Thursday. SCHEDULE


2. The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys have hosted the most home Thanksgiving Day games in the NFL.


3. They may be in first place but the Jacksonville Jaguars are the only NFL team that has never played on Thanksgiving Day. 


4. Many people around your Thanksgiving table will remember the tradition started by John Madden, former NFL player, coach, broadcaster and video game namesake (Madden NFL).  He started the tradition of awarding the “Turkey Leg” back in 1989. The leg of the turkey was given to the MVP of the game. More than one MVP? Obviously, you need more legs. So, he started "creating" turkeys with more legs. (He took them off of other turkeys – this isn’t Frankenstein people).  


5. Madden is no longer handing out turkey legs but his legacy is still alive as each network has their own turkey game day celebration.  There's an equally as interesting, but not edible, trophy on the line for the teams that play on FOX. The best player in that game walks away with the very attractive “Galloping Gobbler” trophy. 


A little something extra - Want to impress the chef? John Madden also made the turducken famous. 


There’s more turkey day talk ahead

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