The Rundown: 5 Things To Know About March Madness

March Madness is here and we haven’t been this excited since we found out how to use Snapchat filters.  Don’t forget to fill out your bracket by tomorrow morning.


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Five Things To Know About March Madness

  1. Bet on blue. Teams that wear uniforms with blue as the primary color have won 20 of the 32 championships.
  2. When choosing your bracket, remember that the most likely upset is a #12 team over a #5 and no #16 team has ever beat a #1 team.
  3. According to Vegas oddsmakers, the favorite teams to win the national championship are Duke, Kansas and North Carolina.
  4. The NCAA women’s bracket is out and UConn (University of Connecticut) is looking to win their fifth straight championship.
  5. The tournament is prime time for sponsors with over 11.3 million viewers last year. Although Nike still rules the court when it comes to team sponsorships.   
  • Nike sponsors 40 of the teams 
  • Adidas – 15 teams
  • Under Armour-  12 teams
  • Russell Athletic – 1 teams

Here is the full schedule including what channel and how to stream the games at work.


  • Gold medal Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton reported that it’s nothing short of a miracle that his third brain tumor has shrunk without treatment. He previously beat testicular cancer and two similar benign tumors before he was diagnosed with his latest in 2016.

Sideline stat

  • Coming soon to an office near you. Don’t expect a lot of work to happen over the next few weeks because nearly 40 million people fill out March Madness brackets. It’s estimated that $4 billion is lost in work productivity during tournament.

Coaches’ corner

  • During March Madness you’ll hear the term “Cinderella team” thrown around but it doesn’t have anything to do with a lost shoe at midnight. The term is used to describe an underdog team that defies the odds and wins against teams that were expected to crush them.