5 Things To Know About MLB’s Young Superstars

A recent report revealed that current baseball players are not recognizable. With familiar faces like Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez gone from the game, we thought you should get know to this group since you’ll be hearing a lot about them this summer.


On second thought, we should’ve made a boys of summer calendar instead,

The Last Night’s Game Team

Five things to know about MLB’s (Major League Baseball’s) Young Superstars

  1. Bryce Harper, 24, Washington Nationals outfielder The Las Vegas native first appeared on the scene on the cover of Sports Illustrated at 16-years-old and was dubbed "The Chosen One." He’s known for talent, his hair and his temper.  
  2. Mike Trout, 25, Anaheim Angels outfielder In his five-year career, the two-time MVP has become only the second player to have his own signature Nike shoe. He also popped the question to his high school sweetheart by hiring a sky writer.
  3. Noah Syndergaard, 24, New York Mets pitcher Syndergaard (pronounced SIN-der-guard) is known as “Thor” because of his long flowing hair. His biggest rivalry isn’t with an opposing team but with the Mets’ mascot, Mr. Met, who was recently photographed with his mom.
  4. Kris Bryant, 25, Chicago Cubs third baseman He played baseball in Vegas with Bryce Harper (see #1). A member of the Cubs' World Series teams, the Rookie of the Year and NL MVP likes shoes as much as you do (although he gets paid to wear them), signing a record-breaking shoe deal with Adidas reportedly worth $1M a year.
  5. Carlos Correa, 22, Houston Astros shortstop The youngest one of the bunch began his MLB career in 2015 and was named Rookie of the Year. He was the first Puerto Rican born player to be drafted at number one. Rumor has it he has a tattoo of Food Network star Guy Fieri on his leg. Big fan or lost a bet?


  • Recently retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (NFL – National Football League) was honored by the Dallas Mavericks (NBA – National Basketball Association) last night. While he suited up and warmed up with the team, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver vetoed owner Mark Cuban’s idea to put Romo in the game. Party pooper.

Sideline stat

  • Forbes released its annual valuation of MLB franchises. The average franchise is worth $1.54 billion, up 19% from last year. The top three franchises are:
    • New York Yankees, valued at $3.7 billion 
    • Los Angeles Dodgers, $2.75 billion 
    • Boston Red Sox, $2.7 billion

Coaches’ corner

  • The NHL (National Hockey League) playoffs begin tonight. The pressure is on the Pittsburgh Penguins to repeat last year’s Stanley Cup win. (The Stanley Cup is the name of the trophy given to the NHL champions). Need a cheat sheet on the playoffs? Here you go.