The Rundown: Fashion-Forward

It’s the weekend to wear white in honor of the Wimbledon finals. Just make sure you plan your undergarments accordingly to avoid a situation like a few Wimbledon players.


Sports are always in fashion,

The Last Night’s Game Team  


  • Fashion faux pas. As we mentioned in this week’s Five Things To Know, players at Wimbledon are required to wear all white, skivvies included. In an awkward dress code enforcement situation, a men’s double team was forced to change their underwear before a match.
  • One for the books. Venus Williams has advanced to the Wimbledon finals on Saturday where she will take on Spain’s Garbiñe Muguruza. Williams will be playing for her sixth Wimbledon championship. If Williams wins, the 37-year-old will be the oldest woman to win in the Open era.
  • Reaching for the stars. Roger Federer and Sam Querrey are both playing in the semifinals this morning (in different matches). Querrey is the first American to advance this far in the tournament since 2009. On the other hand, if Federer makes it to the finals on Sunday, he will play for his record eighth Wimbledon title.

College Football

A fearless pioneer. Kansas State football player Scott Frantz has come out as gay. Franz decided to speak out because wanted to "reach out to all the other kids who are just like me." He came out to his teammates and coaches last year and said “I’ve never felt so loved and so accepted ever in my life than when I did that.”

While it’s hard to believe this is news in 2017, there has still never been an openly gay player to play in a regular season NFL (National Football League) game.


  • Things have gotten a little out of hand at the press tour stops for the Floyd Mayweather (boxing) vs. Conor McGregor (UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship) fight in August. Yesterday, while fans taunted Mayweather about paying his taxes (he owes a reported $22 million), McGregor took it too far using racial slurs and other degrading language.

Sideline stat

  • Forbes released its annual list of most valuable sports franchises. The Dallas Cowboys (NFL) tackle first place, worth $4.2 billion. The New York Yankees (MLB - Major League Baseball) are in second at $3.7 billion. They are followed by international soccer powerhouses Manchester United ($3.69 billion) and FC Barcelona ($3.64 billion). How much is your favorite team worth? Find out.

Coaches’ corner

  • What is the ‘Open era’ in tennis? The Open era is when the four Grand Slam tournaments opened up to professional players, not only amateurs, in 1968. Players who travel tournaments and claim prize money are considered professionals.