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NFL (National Football League)

When there's no place like home. We’re in week two of the NFL playoffs with games on Saturday and Sunday. The temperature isn’t the only thing that’s dropping in Minnesota this weekend. The Minnesota Vikings are hoping to break the streak of no team ever playing a Super Bowl in their home stadium. Dropping the New Orleans Saints this weekend is their first step toward that goal. PLAYOFF SCHEDULE


NBA (National Basketball Association)

When you act like you don’t have a favorite child but you really do. It’s all-star voting time in the NBA and Steph Curry (Golden State Warriors) and LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) have taken the lead as the top vote getters for their conference. Don’t like them at the top? You can still cast your ballot. Voting ends on January 18th. VOTE



Indy car drivers Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly are on this season of The Amazing Race. If that’s not impressive enough, they had to dress like French fries as part of one of the challenges. Would you like fries with that? PIC


Sideline stat

The NFL playoff game between the New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans features the largest age gap in NFL playoff history between the starting quarterbacks. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is 40 and his Titans counterpart Marcus Mariota is 24. 


Coaches’ corner

The newest team in the NHL, the Vegas Golden Knights, have been impressive on the ice and now their legal team is joining the ranks. The Army filed opposition to the team’s trademark application saying that the name and colors are too close to their Golden Knights parachute team. The team’s response was classic with one line stating, “we are not aware of a single complaint from anyone attending our games that they were expecting to see the parachute team and not a professional hockey game.” FULL STATEMENT