5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Olympics

After nearly a week of Olympic coverage, you’d think you’ve heard it all. We answer the questions you were too afraid to ask in today’s Five Things To Know.


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Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Olympics

1. Ever wonder how skaters come off the ice without enormous wedgies? (You know you did). Some have been known to sew the bottom of their costume to their tights to keep everything in place. Gymnasts do something similar by using spray adhesive to keep their back tuck from becoming a full moon.

2. Real men wear pink and speedskaters wear blue. Why? Well no one really knows but there seems to be a consensus amongst the athletes that blue skates faster. That’s why you’ll even see teams that notoriously wear red, like Norway, wearing blue on the ice.

3. Have you watched the Olympians hurl down the tunnel of ice in the luge? You didn’t think there was room to hide anything in those skintight uniforms, but what you don’t really see is a vital neck strap. This strap helps the athlete hold their head up when they reach high g-forces. Do not try this one at home.

4. How do athletes in sports like skiing stay warm when they can’t wear a scarf? Athletic tape. They use athletic tape that resembles a giant Band-Aid to keep their nose and cheeks warm. It’s like a pore strip, only more patriotic. PICS

5. Coaches are an integral part of gold medal success but who pays for them? Athletes (or their families) typically pay for their coaches, putting them in a precarious financial situation. Different governing bodies (i.e. U.S. Figure Skating) have been known to also offer coaches medal incentives, similar to the athletes.


That’s not all folks

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