I'm On A Roll

It’s Monday and that means it’s a new week for you to conquer the conversation by sharing a little something about sports.


Rolls off the tongue,

The Last Night’s Game Team

Winter Olympics

If you’re ready to dominate your Monday. The U.S. Figure Skating Team picked up a bronze medal in the team skate event. Their score was boosted by Mirai Nagasu’s free skate in which she did something no American has ever done. She successfully landed a triple axel in the Olympics. What is a triple axel? 3.5 rotations in the air. No big deal.


Because breakfast beers are perfectly acceptable at the Olympics. Red Gerard, 17, became the first American to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics. Before the competition, he received early morning Snapchat videos from his family shotgunning beers on the way to watch him compete for gold. Too bad he’s not old enough to join them.


When there are never enough spirit fingers in your day. Overshadowing the athletes themselves are the North Korean cheerleaders. This handpicked crew of young women has more spirit than a remake of “Bring It On.” Their dances and cheers were on display at the Korea - Switzerland hockey game, where the joint Korean team was handily beaten by the Swiss team.



The Westminster Dog Show begins today and so many people in the competition will be living out their doggie dreams including Hall of Fame NFL (National Football League) player Shannon Sharpe. He’ll be joining the long line of fantastic correspondents covering canines with names like Tickle Em Jock and Starfire’s Spank Me Hard Call Me Crazy. (Those are not names used to describe your former boyfriends, but in fact names of real dogs that have competed in the show).

Keep an eye on Sonnito, a Chihuahua that could be the first of its breed to claim the title of “best in show.”


Sideline stat

This weekend, a very emotional Paul Pierce became the 22nd player in Boston Celtics (NBA - National Basketball Association) history to have his jersey retired. Pierce wore #34 and was part of the team that brought the city of Boston a championship. (Unsure what it means to retire a jersey number? Here’s your answer).


Coaches’ corner

If you’re looking for a way to stay calm this Monday, look no further than Finnish snowboarding coach Antti Koskinen. You can find him in zen mode, knitting away while standing next to his athletes who are getting ready to take on the mountain. Who knew Grandma was a trendsetter?   



In tonight’s Olympic coverage, look out for Chloe Kim, another 17-year-old American snowboarding prodigy, on her quest for gold.