5 Sporting Events To Get Excited About In June

Forget June gloom! This month is filled with sports action that’ll get you off your feet and into the conversation.


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Five Sporting Events To Get Excited About In June


1. Normally we get to the Belmont Stakes, the third race in the quest for the Triple Crown, and we have nothing to be excited about. Not this year! On Saturday, Justify hopes to become the 13th horse in history to win the Triple Crown. If that’s not enough, watch for Gronkowski (a horse named for and partially owned by New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski – NFL – National Football League) to add a little entertainment. BUT WILL THERE BE HATS?


2. The world’s biggest sporting event, the World Cup, starts June 14 in Russia. Over 3.2 billion (yes billion) watched the last World Cup, which happens every four years. With Team U.S.A. out, watch for Lionel Messi (Argentina) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) to make a run for the trophy but don’t count out underdog team Iceland, making their first ever appearance in the World Cup. SCHEDULE


3. The biggest names in golf will hit the links in Southampton for the U.S. Open on June 14. Known as the “toughest test in golf,” big names like Tiger Woods, who docked his $20 million yacht in the Hamptons for the tournament, will be competing. While Woods is a household name, keep an eye out for cancer survivor and full-time NHL (National Hockey League) referee, Garrett Rank, who qualified this week to play in the tournament.


4. Since the summer isn’t hot enough, why not play a little baseball outside in the humidity in Nebraska? Omaha is the mecca for college baseball and the College Baseball World Series starts there on June 16. While the eight teams battle it out, fans will fight to keep their balls, their beach balls that is. The long-standing tradition has been banned from the stadium but that won't stop them. HEY BATTER BATTER


5. Wrap up the end of the month by watching college athletes put their livelihood on the line in hopes of being chosen in the NBA (National Basketball Association) draft on June 21. Players must be out of high school for one year to be eligible and collegiate athletes that go undrafted cannot go back to school to play. Talk about all or nothing. MORE


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