Sounding Off

The real sports stories you’ll want to talk about this weekend.


Hello Dolly,

The Last Night’s Game Team

College Basketball

The final four teams playing for the college basketball national championship are taking the court this weekend, with the women playing today and the men tomorrow. Many of the teams arrived earlier this week but this time the men’s team from Michigan State hopped on their flight without a few important people. They left behind the band and the cheerleaders. The extra seats on the team’s charter flight were filled with donors and other VIPs so the people in charge of the fanfare were forced to take a bus. WE’VE GOT SPIRIT, HOW ‘BOUT YOU?



It’s frowned upon, and even considered bad luck, to have a pink NASCAR race car but no one has ever had an opportunity like this one. There's no way you'll miss Tyler Reddick’s car in the NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) Xfinity Series as it’s pink with Dolly Parton’s face on the hood. It also features her signature butterfly along with logos for Parton-owned businesses. COAT OF MANY COLORS  


Sideline stat

Always wanted to play your accordion in a professional setting? Well, now you can. The Florida Marlins (MLB - Major League Baseball) are encouraging fans to bring their own musical instruments to games. Fans can sit in the designated “Comunidad 305” section with other musicians. In case you’re wondering kazoos, vuvuzelas, thundersticks, air horns and whistles are not allowed because that would be annoying. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?


Coaches’ corner

University of Virginia’s Kyle Guy was forced to take down his wedding registry by the NCAA (governing body for college sports) for fear it might break their rules. Guy has been a critical part of the team’s run for the college basketball national championship and a news source posted the couple’s registry, encouraging fans to support the soon-to-be husband and wife. The NCAA received word of it and put the kibosh on the potential bridegroom bounty. WEDDING CRASHERS


What to watch

The women’s national championship game is on Sunday and will feature the winners of Oregon vs. Baylor and UConn vs. Notre Dame. The men’s game will be on Monday, pitting the winners of Virginia vs. Auburn and Michigan State vs. Texas Tech against each other. BRING IT ON