For many college is a time to experiment and life your best life. And then there are these overachievers.

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1. If you thought people only flocked to Omaha for the big Warren Buffett annual meeting, you’d be wrong. More than 350,000 fans with their economic impact of $70 million, head to Omaha to catch a game or two of the College Baseball World Series. The series has been played in the city since 1950 but wasn’t profitable for 10 of the first 12 years. Thanks to four generous Omahans, the series, which is now profitable, still calls the city home. ROLLING OUT THE WELCOME MAT

2. While the Reuben was created in Omaha, the stadium boasts other foodie favorites like lobster truffle fries, pimento cheese pretzels and massive nachos shaped like home plate. BUSTING THE BATHING SUIT BOD

3. Michigan should win the Miss Congeniality award of the tournament. Not only are they embracing their underdog role but their coach had everyone shaking their heads in agreement during an interview. He talked about how the cost of participating in sports is unachievable for so many kids. Therefore, he works hard when recruiting and awarding scholarships, saying “We think our roster should look like the United States of America.” MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE

4. Some of the highlights of the tournament so far are the fan who caught a home run and then valiantly chugged his beer. Not to be outdone, the worst slide you’ve ever seen. MEDIC STAT

5. There are eight teams in the double elimination tournament that started last week and runs through June 25. Keep an eye on Vanderbilt for two reasons. One, they’re the favorite to win it all. And two, the “Vandy whistler” (there’s actually two of them) are annoying the heck out of everyone and are on the verge of ejection. MAYBE THEY SHOULD FEED THEM SALTINE CRACKERS