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Read up so you have plenty to talk about this holiday weekend because talking sports beats discussing tax reform over the family dinner table every time.    


Bring on the eggnog,

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PS - Moderation is overrated therefore today's Tailgate Treat features holiday cocktails everyone is bound to love. 

NBA (National Basketball Association)

When your friend wants to drive home after too many holiday cocktails. Los Angeles Lakers’ Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is playing under some interesting circumstances. He is currently on work release from jail after failing to comply with the terms of his probation, stemming from a drunk driving incident. He can leave the facility for practice and games but has to wear an ankle monitor and he is not allowed to travel with the team to away games.


NFL (National Football League)

When your knight in shining armor fails.  Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers made his valiant return last week hoping to lead his team to the playoffs after being out with a broken collarbone. Well...after last week's loss, the Packers have no chance of making the playoffs and Rodgers has since returned to the injured list to preserve himself for next season. Update your fantasy team accordingly.



After facing backlash for criticizing the NFL for its handling of the anthem protests, the face of the company and Founder/CEO of Papa John’s is stepping down. John Schnatter will stay on as the chairman of the company. Papa John’s hasn’t exactly been rolling in the dough as they’ve seen a drop in sales this year (which they blamed on the anthem protests).


Sideline stat

Rumors have been swirling that WWE (Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment) founder Vince McMahon is ready to revive the previously defunct XFL (Xtreme Football League). He sold $100 million in WWE stock and has filed trademarks for the XFL as a “professional football league.” WWE and NBC founded the XFL as a joint venture in 1999 and it had one season before it failed.


Coaches’ corner

How far would you go for your career? A player for the South Sydney Rabbitohs in the National Rugby League opted to have his middle finger amputated rather than have the prescribed surgery and miss the beginning of the season. Up yours modern medicine.