Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corns And Syrup

If your weekend plans include visits to Santa and holiday parties, you might as well throw on your ugly sweater and wash down your eggnog with a side of sports.


If you can’t bet ‘em, join ‘em,

The Last Night’s Game Team


PS- Now that we have you thinking about eggnog, today’s Tailgate Treat is a great way to spice yours up. It is cold outside after all.  

College football

If your friend is the Maverick to your Ice Man. This weekend is the storied Army – Navy game in Philadelphia. The regular season is over for most teams but these aren’t two ordinary teams. Both teams will wear special snazzy uniforms for this 127-year old respectful rivalry. PICS - ARMY VS NAVY


Bowl game season is around the corner so why not embrace it and have a little fun? Join our bowl game pool for a chance to win prizes. Besides life’s too short to watch Elf on repeat the whole month. JOIN (password: sportscurious)


MLS (Major League Soccer)

When you’re not quite dressed right for the weather. The MLS Championship is this Saturday and we bet those soccer players are wishing they played football for all the extra gear. The Seattle Sounders are playing the Toronto FC (Football Club) in Toronto where it’s going to be a balmy 34 degrees at kickoff with a 70% chance of snow.



Olympic gold medal gymnast Simone Biles will be the first honorary cheerleader for her hometown Houston Texans (NFL – National Football League) this weekend. She’ll even get to wear the legendary red boots. The boots dreams are made of.


Sideline stat

The Cleveland Browns (NFL) are on their way to a winless football season. One of their fans has raised the required $10,000 to throw them a victory-less parade should they finish without a win. His fundraising efforts were completed by a $7,683 donation from Excedrin, the headache medication. Apparently the Browns give them a headache too. 


Coaches’ corner

Don’t forget that the Heisman Trophy ceremony is Saturday night, recognizing the best in college football. It’s not simply a boring awards show. (Okay maybe it is but there’s more excitement to it than just an award show). Check out Five Things To Know About The Heisman here.