5 Things You Need To Know About The Heisman Trophy

Saturday night fever has struck college football. On Saturday night, we’ll find out who the winner of the Heisman Trophy is. The award is more than a move on the dance floor, it goes to the best player in college football.


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Five Things You Need To Know About The Heisman Trophy

1. The finalists for the award are:

  • Baker Mayfield, senior quarterback from Oklahoma, who is hoping to become the first walk on player to win it.

  • Lamar Jackson, junior quarterback from University of Louisville, who won last year. (Only one other player has won twice).

  • Bryce Love, junior running back from Stanford, who ranks at the top of the nation despite an ankle injury this season.

FYI – Mayfield is the favorite to win.

2. As if they didn’t work out hard enough to get to the Heisman ceremony, the winner will have to hoist the bronze trophy weighing 45 pounds. They've carried the weight of their team, so this should be no problem.

3. The winner is chosen by over 870 media members, in addition to a vote from every former Heisman winner, 58 currently. There is one vote from the fans for a total of 929 votes. Wonder if Lamar Jackson voted for himself?

4. All three of this year’s Heisman Trophy finalists play for teams whose primary uniform color is red. Maybe the committee was in the holiday spirit?

5. Old guys rule, except when it comes to the Heisman. A senior hasn't won the award since 2006


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