And You Think You’re Cold – The 5 Coldest Games In Sports

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The Five Coldest Games In Sports

1. The beauty of the NBA (National Basketball Association) is that their games are fairly quick (as it relates to the sports world) and they’re inside, with the exception of four games that were played outside. The coldest game on record was between the Denver Nuggets and the Phoenix Suns outdoors in Palm Springs, CA. Temps dipped into the 60s and the wind toyed with the player’s shots.


2. MLB (Major League Baseball) players are called the boys of summer but not on April 23, 2013. The first game in a doubleheader between the Atlanta Braves and the Colorado Rockies in Colorado started off at 23 degrees. Luckily it warmed up to just below freezing for the second game. Inevitably, somebody froze their you know what off.


3. We all love college football bowl game season in December, except for the coldest bowl game on record. Picture this. The Bluegrass Bowl in Louisville, KY in 1958. The Oklahoma State Cowboys and Florida State Seminoles take the field and your hot chocolate? Well, it’s frozen because it’s 12 degrees. That 60 degree basketball game suddenly looks like a beach vacation.


4. You expect to be cold at an NHL (National Hockey League) game since it’s played on ice after all. But what happens when it’s outdoors in the dead of winter? Ask the 56,000 fans that came out to the 2003 Heritage Classic to watch the Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers battle it out in – 4 degree weather. A ride on the Zamboni is the only thing that would make that situation better.


5. We saved the best for last. The infamous NFL (National Football League) ”Ice Bowl” between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys proved to be the most brutal on the list. The New Year’s Eve game of 1967 in Lambeau Field (home of the Packers) saw actual temps around -13 degrees and with the wind chill, -48 degrees. No thank you.


Did you know? Legendary New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (NFL) is forced to play in the cold quite often but how does he deal with it? He wears a wetsuit under his uniform to stay warm. Forget long johns, that’s brilliant.


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