Fly The Flag

You’re in for a treat because it’s Friday and you’re going to be the one in the know all weekend long.


We’re Olympic ready,

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Winter Olympics

When karma catches up with you. With a last ditch effort, Russia tried and failed to overturn the ban on their athletes in the Winter Olympics. Russia is banned from competing over doping allegations, but some athletes were invited to compete after proving they were clean.


When luck is not on your side. Team U.S.A.'s athletes vote for who is going to carry the flag in the Opening Ceremony. This year's vote was a tie between speed skater Shani Davis and luge slider Erin Hamlin, both competing in their fifth Olympics. The winner, Hamlin, was chosen by a coin toss. After losing, Davis sent a controversial tweet calling the coin toss "dishonorable." Guess he's not much of a gambler. 


If your dad ever said nothing good happens after midnight. While you were sleeping, the Olympic Opening Ceremonies happened without you. You can catch the replay at 8 pm EST tonight on NBC and here are the Olympic events to watch this weekend.



What do you get when you cross Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers quarterback), actor Bill Murray and actor Josh Duhamel? A good looking, funny guy with one heck of a throwing arm? Unfortunately no, but they're all golfing in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. The golf tournament, which is this weekend, is where professional golfers and amateurs mix and the who’s who of celebrities and athletes hit the links together.

Sideline stat

MLB (Major League Baseball) spring training is set to begin next week, but in a rare turn of events, a majority of free agents (players who aren’t committed to teams) remain unsigned. The MLB Players Association will put on their own spring training for unsigned free agents in hopes they will be picked up by a team.


Coaches’ corner

The NBA (National Basketball Association) trade deadline was yesterday and it left the league in shock because the Cleveland Cavaliers basically traded away their entire team, minus LeBron James. The team, which has been in the NBA finals the past three years, has been pretty terrible this season. Was this the doing of King James? Only time will tell


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