Making It Happen Monday

It’s Monday and there’s no time like the present to use your newfound sports knowledge to make a connection in conversation.



The Last Night’s Game Team  

NBA (National Basketball Association)

Don’t let them count you out. It all came down to game seven for the Indiana Pacers and LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers. King James lived up to his name and led his Cavs to a victory over the Pacers. The Cavs are heading into round two of the playoffs - one step closer to making it back to the finals.  ROUND TWO SCHEDULE


NFL (National Football League)

When you’re making money and dreams come true. The NFL draft fulfilled the lifelong dreams of many football players and dashed the dreams of others. Either way, the draft was a dream come true for the networks because this year’s draft was the highest rated and most viewed draft in history. Forget hopes and dreams, the TV networks are happy and isn’t that really all that matters? BY THE NUMBERS



Performance anxiety is real, even for animals. Some of the biggest hype around the NFL draft was Zsa Zsa the parrot, scheduled to deliver the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick. Well, when the time came the feathered friend succumbed to the pressure and couldn’t make the call. Weird, that’s never happened before. VIDEO


Sideline stat

The most talked about pick from the weekend’s NFL draft is pick #141, Shaquem Griffin. Griffin had his hand amputated as a child but can now say he’s the first player with only one hand to be drafted in the NFL's modern era. Even better? He joins his twin brother Shaquill as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. WATCH THE HEARTWARMING MOMENT


Coaches’ corner

When life gives you a dead catfish, drink beer out of it. That’s what Tennessee Titans’ (NFL) Taylor Lewan did to support his fellow Nashville team in the playoffs. The Nashville Predators (NHL – National Hockey League) ended up beating the Winnipeg Jets in double overtime last night. The team was undoubtedly inspired by this stinky stunt or maybe it was Carrie Underwood’s rendition of the anthem? (Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher came back from retirement this season to regain his spot with the Predators). PROOF OF FISH BEER BONG